Sugar Mint Rush Freshening Lip Treatment

A cutting-edge 24-hour moisturizing lip treatment that delivers an instant and long-lasting burst of cooling minty freshness.


  • 4.3g

Product Details

Using a duo of time-release technologies, this 24-hour** nourishing balm delivers minty freshness when you need it. Just press lips together to release the instant cooling encapsulation system while menthyl PCA slowly breaks down for continuous freshness.

The Proof*

    The Proof

  • 95% felt an immediate burst of minty freshness
  • 90% reported an immediate sensation of fresh breath
  • 97% noticed an immediate cooling sensation on the lips and said it protected against dryness
  • 97% reported lips are healthy looking
  • 24-hour hydration**

*self-assessment test on 61 subjects during 4 weeks

**instrumental test on 11 subjects

Key Ingredients

PDP Ingredients

    Star Ingredient:

    Duo of time-release technologies

  • A cooling encapsulation system instantly triggers a minty sensation when you press your lips together.
  • Menthyl PCA slowly breaks down over time to deliver continuous freshness* and hydration.
  • *in-vivo test

    Supporting Ingredients:

  • Sugar is a natural humectant known to prevent moisture loss.
  • A blend of nourishing oils, including meadowfoam, black currant seed, and grapeseed oils, helps to moisturize.

How to Use

Apply as needed. Press lips together to activate.